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Retirement Calculator

Monte Carlo Nest Egg Simulator

So many questions

When can I retire, how much will I need, is it really enough to support my lifestyle? So many questions, so few answers. There really is no guarantee, but there are probabilities.

What it does

The Monte Carlo Retirement Simulator helps you to see how likely it is that your money will last through your retirement. Just enter what you've saved (your nest egg) and your anticipated monthly withdrawal (living expnses), then let the simulator do the rest. It performs thousands of simulations and tabulate the results to show you just how likely you are to live comfortably or run out of money in retirement.

How it works

Instead of using a fixed rate of return for investment and fixed inflation rate, the Monte Carlo Retirement Simulator uses historical United States data from the last century to model how your stocks and bonds will perform and how inflation will affect your monthly expenses.

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Disclaimer: This program is for illustrative purposes only and should not be used for financial decisions. For retirement planning consult a certified financial planner.