TKO Solutions

Here are the apps I currently have in the App Store. Please check them out, I hope you enjoy using them.


Slider iPhone

Slider is a fun game based on the 4 by 5 sliding block puzzles first popularized by Lewis Hardy's century old Pennant Puzzle. Free the large block through the "Escape Area" at the bottom center of the puzzle. When a game first starts, a number of smaller blocks will prevent the large block from "Escaping". Move the interfering small blocks out of the way to free the "Big Guy". Move the blocks by sliding them to an open space.

Give Slider a try, you'll be addicted before you know it.

Event Tracker

Event Tracker iPhone

Event Tracker lets you follow your favorite teams or events anywhere in the country. This app is powered by SeatGeek ticketing service and uses their API to track down all your your favorite events.

Simply type in who you're interested in following, search, and a list off all their upcoming gigs are displayed. Tap the item to get more details and the ability to favorite the event.

Have fun tracking your events

Map App

Map App iPhone

Map App is a simple little app that allows you to type in a name and let the Open Cage Geolocating API find relavent matches.

A list of potential matches is returned, and you can drill a little deeper by selecting an entry and getting a details view with a map of the area.

This is just a kick around app that can be fun seeing what interesting matches come up. Type in IA and you get hits from Russia and the UAE. Have fun browsing the world!

Have fun tracking your events

Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters iPhone

Disasterous event tracker uses the Earth Observatory Natural Event Tracker (EONET) database to catalogue and display natural events. There are many categories of disasters, ranging from fires to floods, earthquakes to landslides.

These events are occuring all over the world and the EONET database tries to document them all. The events are constantly changing, as new disasters happen routinely. They fall off the grid after one year, but all active and historical events for the past year will be shown.

The apps provided by TKO Solutions: